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McVeigh Offsite is a business of integrity that consistently and passionately delivers quality and value to our customers. Our team have a wealth of experience providing thermally efficient and air tight buildings to the most stringent codes of Construction in the UK.

We offer a direct and friendly service with a consistent point of contact throughout the whole process and take pride in the fact that much of our work is repeat business which we perceive as folk like working with us… and that’s our aim!

Within our own manufacturing facility what we can offer is flexibility. Requirements can change during the Construction process due to many variables and we can usually react quickly to our customer’s needs.

McVeigh Offsite is focussing its future on highly efficient building envelops using the ‘Fabric First’ approach to building construction. Some of the industry seems to be heading in this same direction which give us confidence were on the right track!

About McVeigh Offsite

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