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At McVeigh we have developed a system that suits the construction of Schools and Classroom extensions. We use a mix of all the products we manufacture to create these teaching spaces quickly which is commonly a key aspect of these developments. See Mellor Primary or Chetwynd Primary in the Projects section of our website for examples our work.

Ground floor construction is commonly concrete but we can provide a timber floor system for those projects that call for this as a solution.

The system of build uses highly insulated Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to construct the external walls. The wall construction is a single application that provides the structure, insulation and air tightness.

We use timber studs to construct the internal walls as they are quick to construct, economical to manufacture and provide a service zone for the following trades. The acoustic specification is also straight forward using Robust details.

Mid floors can be constructed using either timber joists and Gyvlon screed or pre cast concrete planks, both solutions provide a solid floor that satisfies most acoustic requirements.

Roofs are constructed using our roof Cassettes which are ideal for this application because they clear span the width of a standard Classroom. They can either be pre insulated in the workshop or insulated on site depending on the project requirements.

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