Engineered Timber Cassettes

Our range of pre insulated structural cassettes are specially designed stressed skin elements that provide long spanning capability for roofs, economical solutions for walls or for a super quick floor construction. The cassettes are typically craned into position with our specialist installation crews and due to the shear size of each element the daily install output can be very impressive.

The casssttes can be selected to be open cell that includes only the structural elements or closed cell that will include the insulation and soffit boards.

Floor Cassettes

Our floor cassettes are typically open cell and comprise of engineered timber I joists and a decking board over. The main advantage of using our floor cassettes is speed of install that also negates the need for temporary working platforms or fall arrest systems. Our floor cassettes were invaluable for the construction of the Student Accommodation Blocks in Ambleside where there was just no space on site for loose joists and decking boards that would need to be lifted onto each of the 4 levels. The floor cassettes turned up on the delivery vehicles pre slung to enable the crane to lift them straight into position.

Wall Cassettes

Our wall cassettes offer great flexibility. Yes you get the large spanning elements that often negate the need for secondary steel and the rapid installation that you expect from offsite solutions. But you also get lots of flexibility with the specification of the insulation fill and facings boards. The insulation is typically quilt, rigid foam, or cellulose fibre. At The Royal Opera House Purfleet the environmental credentials were ultra important so a wood fibre insulation board was selected. The facing boards can be selected to suit any finishes, sometimes we use extra thick boards to provide enhanced pull out values for the connecting fixings from the finishes.

Roof Cassettes

Our roof cassettes are all about open plan layouts and large spans. They seem to be a perfect fit for Schools and their optimum size is about the same width as a classroom. The same flexibility as the walls with facing boards and insulation fill and the ability to adapt the joist centres to suit the project load requirements. Roof light openings all get formed in the factory with an infill panel to assist with onsite safety. Another inherent advantage of the roof cassettes is the insulation layers are encapsulated and this was really appreciated when we used them to construct the roof on a very windy site for the Energy Coast Building in Whitehaven.

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