Ski Slope Construction / Ice Enclosures

The team at McVeigh are most experienced at real snow ski slope enclosures having completed all but 1 in the UK. Early engagement is critical on a ski slope project as there are early fundamental design decisions to be made that will impact the whole process. Since the first project in Milton Keynes our detailing and techniques has been developed and refined so we can offer our Clients the benefits our experience and knowledge.

Ski Box Floors

We’ve constructed various different ski box flooring systems on all the developments in the UK and travelled around Europe to educate ourselves on how our friends overseas construct the floors. There are many considerations but our most recent method seems to perform the best.

Ski Slope Construction

Ski Box Walls & Roof

We use highly insulated composite panels to construct the walls of a ski box. The insulated core is typically either Polyisocyanurate (PIR) or Mineral fibre and often a mix of both depending on the fire strategy of the project. The vapour sealing details of the joints and interfaces is critical, at McVeigh we have the experience to detail, specify and apply the right products to use that will perform for the life expectancy of the building.

Ski Box Glazing

All the ski slope enclosures have glazed sections to some extent. On the different developments we have used Curtain Walling, Aluminium frames and timber frames all with double and triple glazed units. Again, the important bit is all in the detailing that needs to incorporate structural support, glazed frames, insulated panel surrounds and the all-important vapour seals. Other considerations on the warn side include back ground heating, sprinkler systems and crowd loads.

Ski Box Doors

We use numerous door types in a ski box as you can imagine. We firstly have the Air lock doors that, if you have visited any of the UK snow centres are the doors that you have walked through to enter the cold space. These are generally standard doors but with the addition of heating elements to prevent them from freezing up! Then we have the emergency exit doors that are specialist cold store doors that are adapted for use on this application and then we have the massive Garage doors that give access to the Piste Basher that grooms the snow at night. Again, the Garage doors are adapted to suit this specialist application.

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